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Do you want a job that is really fun? Do you want an organisation that moves quickly and constantly creates interesting new perspectives? Then we need to get to know each other.

As intern, as trainee and we are happy to support degree theses and of course for all other very interesting positions that our developing organisation advertises.

We are looking for people who share our values, are enthusiastic about our common objectives and who stand up for us just as we do for you.


It is said that the Nuremberg people have always been industrious craftsmen who have always lived from "tinkering" and inventing and the trade with their inventions. We also learned innovation from Albrecht Dürer and the team spirit from "The Master Singers". Last but not least, the Nuremberg Rostbratwurst (grilled sausage) stands for maximum quality. Are you still asking why we have our corporate headquarters in Nuremberg? 

You can find us close to the centre with S-Bahn station on the doorstep and a delicious Italian restaurant in walking distance. It is self-evident that top performance is achieved on this basis. We look forward to your visit!


The Swabian per se is "withdrawn" and taciturn. He calls a spade a spade and never beats around the bush, and the best cars in the world then come into being as result. 

Our top performance also arises in a suburb of Stuttgart, in Weilimdorf, 20 minutes by S-Bahn away from the main railway station and 2 km from the slip road of the A 81. 

We don’t have sausages like those in Nuremberg; we have 400 hectares of own vineyards for this, parrots in the park and master really EVERYTHING except High German. We look forward to your visit! 


With all the "exemplariness" of our colleagues from Nuremberg and Stuttgart, a Berliner with "big heart and bluntness" does of course always have a less-favoured image. Therefore, we make even more effort for everything!

Visit us in the Haselhorst district, in a brick building with heart, own small canteen with the best Currywurst of Berlin and a team that demonstrates every day that we also master something other than the Berlin bluntness.


Our outpost south - Penzberg - lies in the beautiful Bavarian foothills of the Alps, which impresses with its impressive mountain landscapes and clear lakes. Penzberg is a former mining town, is located about 50 kilometres south of Munich and is today characterized by the company Roche Diagnostics.

The Upper Bavarians are said to be a little odd and belligerent - we definitely aren't!

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