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  • We founded our company in 2017, but our history begins much earlier. It is the story of our managing partners who were both involved in the construction of the University of Beirut in Lebanon at the end of the 1990s for a large German construction group.

  • Late in the evening in a gloomy dive after many gin and tonics, they discovered that they had their birthdays on the same date. Gin and tonic – in reduced amount – is still also our company drink today.

  • The friendship of the two men brought them together again years later at a new workplace in Germany. They built up a business unit for this company over a period of almost two decades that is very similar to what we do at OTTO today.

  • But time brought changes in the alignment of this organisation. Everything became bigger, not everything better.

    It was time for the passionate sailors to change course, stand on their own feet and get more wind around the ears with a better course. We like sailing: spartan cabins, the combination of nautical theory, the instinct for the correct course and muscle power are an outstanding test for good teams in our business.

  • Without wanting to sound theatrical, because otherwise everything else with us happens without drama: Our history is a story of friendship, cohesion and long common paths.

    We believe in these values and act in accordance with them: as united team, with ambitious but realistic objectives and with customers and partners who see them the same way.


Your most reliable partner – nothing more, nothing less

We want to be an absolutely trustworthy partner of our customers using well-founded know-how and maximum commitment. We employ the best specialists for this and provide this team with complex challenges and excellent working conditions.

We think, plan and act with long-term perspectives – and thus create trust, internally and externally.

Adequate earnings of our company are the basis for the stability and future sustainability of our organisation. We provide our customers with sustainably superior services as result of all our efforts.


Strong roots and maintained values for sustainability

We firmly believe that solving complex tasks is extremely satisfying. Therefore we already appreciate challenges during the effort made to become somewhat better every coming day: with new ideas all the time, confidence and perseverance.

Flat, flexible structures and characterised by a high level of personal responsibility form the foundation of our organisation. Short decision paths, open communication, fairness and objective truths characterise our internal and external handling.

We work as a team and grow as a team on our joint tasks, argue sometimes, tell with each other, not about each other, take constructive criticism as opportunity to become even better, truthful and absolutely stand up for each other.

We identify ourselves with what we can achieve jointly for our customers, conscientiously monitor our quality and are economical in handling all resources entrusted to us.

Therefore, environmental compatibility is just as integral a part of our thinking as the fact that we approach large and small projects with the same commitment.

In doing so, we constantly check the added value and the benefit of our products and services. We cannot become satisfied until our customers and business partners are satisfied, not until their product is a success.


We do charts, but believe in tailored solutions

We bear responsibility for highly complex processes and appropriately interlinked resources. The smallest mistakes here often have far-reaching consequences.

Therefore, minimisation of errors is one of our greatest challenges. We achieve this first and foremost with a high level of sense of responsibility of every individual one of our employees.

Hierarchies are secondary if capable, responsibly acting people are at the pulse of every relevant event. We maintain the principle of dual or multiple control here. Not only because every person makes mistakes and we have to catch these as a team, but particularly also because we appreciate the perspective of our colleagues and partners and simply decide better jointly.

As a team, we are always only as strong as the weakest link, therefore we help each other beyond functions and task areas – we have our eyes and ears open for what may go wrong at the next desk and recognise a different opinion as assistance and never as criticism.

It goes without saying that we compile our teams flexibly according to the individual requirements of the task and the relevant strengths and weaknesses of our team members.

Nevertheless, if something does go wrong, our CEO Alf Kain, our COO Sascha Herz and Carsten Günther as CFO accept responsibility.

Why us?

Because we make it work

  • Commitment

    Extremely interested and dedicated people are fundamental for our performance. We get up in the mornings to do a perfect job for our customers. Our cooperation lives on target-oriented motivation and the enjoyment of demanding challenges. We live and encourage this work culture consistently.

    We are a highly committed partner.

  • Values

    We act responsibly for the interests and safety of our customers, the well-being of our employees and the protection of the environment. Therefore, our decisions are characterised by long-term perspectives, a focus on organically healthy development, reasonable returns on investment and risk expectations and last but not least also by the consciousness that increasingly more complex projects can only be optimally mastered with trusting, cooperating project participants. Apart from this, our given word always counts.

    We are an absolutely reliable partner.

  • Efficiency

    We have a lean, highly efficient organisation with outstanding experts. We constantly invest extensively for this in everything that also brings added value to our customers in the future. Therefore, we always deliver absolutely future-proof technology. Furthermore, we fight with full commitment for the compliance of the resources entrusted to us by our customers. We keep to not only their budgets but also save their time and spare their nerves. With reliable partners on the subcontractor side, we create powerful networks for assured high quality results

    We are worth our money.

  • Results

    We take away the worries of our customers: with due care, know-how, unconditional personal commitment of every employee at every place of our organisation, and last but not least because we really want to be your best partner as our own requirement. Our results will impress you. We move carefully, target-oriented, but very quickly – every day. Please measure us by this promise.

    Our results will impress you.


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