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One team, one spirit
  • Passion

    Our work is our passion. We like going to work and this is exactly what our workplace looks like. The desk may seem untidy sometimes, but: we always do our job in a structured and highly professional way.

  • Team Spirit

    Genuine interest in the opinion of others, objective truths (and then not being miffed), flexible thinking, innovative processes and a concentrated, team-oriented performance concept are our standards.

  • No Walls

    Flat hierarchies and people who have a lot of freedom of action for responsible tasks go without saying.

  • Friendship

    We laugh a lot and are often not only colleagues but friends.

  • Decency & sense of proportion

    We live values like decency and loyalty. Sense of proportion and not excessive pedantry characterise our views. The given word always counts and "Get me out of trouble" E-mails are frowned upon.

  • Trust

    Dealing with each other decently, fairly and respectfully creates enormous mutual trust. All of this makes us an unusually strong, united and successful team.

Commitment moves our ever-changing world
  • Continuous Development

    Outstanding technical capabilities are the basis of the trust of our customers. Therefore, you will be supported by us wherever possible. This is the requirement and reality of our training, further training and advanced training efforts. As well as technical abilities, we attach great importance to the personal further development of our employees. It is only in this way that we ensure timely views, structures and processes. We look for people who get involved in further developing themselves and us.

A successful mutual investment in a bright future
  • Cool projects

    We are a real den of high technology and work on the most exciting projects of our time. Come to us, pass through the security clearance and convince yourself.

  • Dedicated Teams

    We only employ outstanding specialists; therefore, we require solid technical knowledge. Furthermore, we mainly look for human characteristics such as reliability, willingness, sense of proportion and ability to work in a team. We also do not want anybody who goes into the cellar to laugh, because we laugh a lot – also sometimes about each other but usually with each other.

  • Exciting tasks

    Those among us who are grumpy in the morning also get out of bed every morning because they have fun in our cool workplace and the exciting joint tasks. Deadlines that are almost impossible to meet and customers who want everything yesterday rather than today are our daily business. The project business is challenging, stressful and sometimes also frustrating. But we love the challenge, never give up and ultimately are proud of having successfully solved a difficult problem.

  • Career for effort

    We believe in outstanding performance and that it pays off. Whoever is on the ball, has a thirst for knowledge and heart in the right place finds every possibility with us for the best possible implementation of his career objectives. Working for us means a lot of learning, achieving more and extending personal limits. We never leave you alone here. The team supports you and you support the team, we help each other – always. Team work for us also means that we remunerate special performance with attractive performance components. Our company development is always the progress of our employees. We live this consciousness.

Come in and join our exciting ride!
  • Our Diversity

    Our philosophy is to be able to cover everything for the turnkey creation of relevant processes and technologies for complex facilities with in-house experienced specialists. Therefore, many different specialisations, career paths and personalities can be found with us. We appreciate this diversity and look forward to every new person who enhances our team. The only condition is: You are passionately involved. As we prefer to develop organically, we are already looking today for our next generation of leaders - meet us and help shape the future of our company. 

Yvonne Lehmann

Human Resources Officer


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